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Learn more about how you can simplify your lead management and marketing efforts with Data Bing.

"Data Bing is a simple, intuitive, and powerful solution that really allowed my business to get a pulse on our marketing and lead generation efforts. My team and I use it everyday to get a better understanding of where we are trending."​ -Jackson B

"It's amazing how much time Data Bing has saved our team. It has allowed us to focus on the day to day tasks to run our actual business. The accurate and real time updates make analyzing performance data seamless and we have never been able to track leads this effectively. I can't recommend Data Bing highly enough!" -Tiffany G​

"As the owner of a small luxury property, it feels like this software was made for people like me. Tracking leads for our events and private experiences used to be a nightmare, but now nothing is slipping through the cracks. Many of our team members need to know in real time what the status of a prospect is and Data Bing completely solved that problem. Removing the need for spreadsheets and the hours it took to compile marketing data is just a bonus on top!" -Matt C

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